Publishing Information + Useful Links

On-line company that buys and sells books.
Blogging is a web format that allows individual artists or creative writers to make a column that other subscribers can comment on or add to. Blogging is a popular way to market books.
This is the company that issues ISBN numbers and bar codes. Your book will need to have an ISBN number that you can purchase through Bowker, which allows the book to be sold through bookstores and on-line.
This is a recent phenomenon that suggests that books sell better if they have a design signature or style that is transferred from one title to another., which enhances brand recognition.
Carton Marks
The publisher usually has standard carton marks they want to use to identify their various titles. The distributor may have even more stringent rules for identifying the various clients. Be sure to get the distributor’s carton mark instructions and pass these to Bolton Associates. Also make sure pallet marks are also disclosed and shared.
Certification required by the US government showing that the various components of children’s books for the age group of 12 and under have been tested for lead content. In 2011 books became an exception, but some types of children’s books like board books may be subject to this law. CPSIA: Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act: Government site here.
A printers or publishers identifying symbol or emblem.
Copyright and copyright statements on copyright page
Normally the copyright page including disclaimers and any Library of Congress information is located behind the title page, or half title page in the front matter of a book. Copyright pages also include ISBN numbers and country where the book is manufactured, if other than the US.
Crowd Funding including Kickstart and Indiegogo
On-line crowd funding sites that help variety of businesses get of the ground. Publishing is a popular category.
Digital Books
These books are printed on digital printers and bound as perfect bound books. They can be produced one copy at a time, and pricing reflects this, the individual price is very high. Lulu and Blurb are two well-known companies. distributors Distributors store, and ship out your books. They are all different in what they offer. A few we have known are Publisher’s storage and shipping Corp, ( in Michigan and BCH Fulfillment and Distribution ( Other larger distributors include Ingrams and Baker and Taylor and others from this page: distributors.
Estimate Request
The form used by the printer to calculate the project for the print buyer. This form contains the basic parameters of the project including size, quantity, colors, bleeds, photos etc.
One who computes or approximates the cost of work to be done on which quotation may be based.
Ftp Site
This is a private server for an individual company or printer, which requires passwords. You upload large files to the printer ftp site which is linked to their prepress department.
Markings pre-printed on mailing envelopes to replace the stamp.
A personalized type or design symbol for a company or product.
Recycled paper
Recycled paper is a green attribute and there are ways in which this should be indicated on the copyright page including logos for various types of recycling. You can find symbols to use on your copyright page or back cover at this web address:

Here are two I have used in the past:

sustainable forest.jpg
recyclable material.jpg
sustainable forest.jpg