Shipping + Documentation Terminology

Air Waybill
An AWB is a bill of Lading which covers both domestic and inernational flights transporting goods to a specified destination.
Arrival Notice
An advice that the freight forwarder sends to the consignee advising when the goods will be at the port of entry.
Actual time or arrival
Actual time of departure
Bill of Lading
Also called the house bill of lading, is the contract between the owner of the goods and the carrier.
Bonded Warehouse                                                                                                                                                                                Contents from the containers are taken in bond to a warehouse forsorting and getting documentation ready for pick up by truckers for inland delivery
Carton Marks
Carton marks are fairly standard but nowadays marketing warehouses require bar codes that need to have prior approval.
Cubic meter of load for pricing considerations.
Certificate of Origin
A certified document showing the origin of goods. In some cases may be required in the shipping documentation.
Commercial Delivery
Delivery to a commercial zone. Allows for larger trucks and trucks without liftgates.
A steel box in which cargo can be stowwed. Typical containers may be 10’ or 20’ up to 53’ in length, 8’ wide and 8.5’ tall.
Country of Origin
The country where the goods were manufactured. The country of Origin if not the USA must appear on the copyright page of a book.

The size of the type identifying the country where printed should be as large as the type used in the address of the publisher.
Customs and Entry
For importing books, there is a whole procedure for customs. This should be included in any bid from overseas.
Customs Broker
A person or firm, licensed by the customs authority engaged in entering and clearing goods through customs for a client.
Customs Bond                                                                                                                                                                                                   A customs bond is needed for each shipment. Your print broker may have an annual bond, if not your printer's freight forewarder or your printer may have one. If not, then you have to pay a one time bond for entry. It will show up on your custom bill.
Customs Exam
Although customs entry costs should be covered in a door-to-door delivery, customs exams are rarely covered in printing bids because they don’t happen for every shipment. If your books are involved in a customs exam expect to pay extra for this.
Door-To-Door Delivery
This is now normal delivery from overseas and should be included in the bid cost.
There is no duty on books, but there is a customs entry fee and a port tax including a harbor maintenance fee.
Estimated time of arrival.
Estimated time of departure.
Export Cartons
Export cartons are very solid, and can be specified as far as weight.  They are usually made to fit the book, rather than being off the rack. You can specify the weight of the cardboard, or the number or type of layers for your carton walls.
Freight on Board. In Asia FOB means that the costs to get the books on the ship are included in the FOB designation.
Fork Lift
A fork lift or a loading dock in a commercial storage facility allows the larger trucks to quickly unload the books and continue on their route. This kind of commercial storage makes for the most economical trucking costs.
Freight Forwarder
Company who arranges for the carriage of goods on behalf of a shipper.
ISF   Importer Security Form
A requirement for all ocean freight cargo being sent to the US. Initiated as part of Inland Security. Mustbe filled out and processed 24 hours prior to loading
Inland Delivery
Inland delivery happens after customs entry and is usually included in an overseas bid.
Less that container load. Loose freight loaded with other smaller than full container shipments.
Liftgate Truck
A liftgate truck is required for residential deliveries or deliveries to small storage facilities that do not have a fork lift. They cost more than a truck without this feature. You usually ask for a pallet jack with this type of delivery to facilitate moving the pallets to a garage.
Packing List
A shipping document issued by the shipper to carrier, giving important detail of the shipment, including total number of cartons, pallets and weight. There are three documents to make up the shipping documents: B/L, Commercial Invoice, and the Packing list. These usually come in a set of three. You have to send the signed Bill of Lading to the freight forwarder or customs agent for processing customs entry.
A pallet is the wooden or plastic platform that books sit on in transit in overland trucks or sea containers. They often have to be certified to insure they have no insects on board.
Pallet Jack
A pallet jack is usually stored in trucks that have liftgates to help move the pallet from the sidewalk to the garage.
Pallet Marks
These days the warehouses may require the pallets to have their own pallet marks. Check with your warehouse to find out their requirements for both pallet marks and carton marks. They often require specific bar codes for certain information.

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