Bolton Associates are printing brokers, how is that different from working with a printer's sales rep?

A good question. You can view us as production managers. Right from the beginning we join you in seeking a solution to your printing needs. We are paid for by you, so we strive to make sure you are satisfied all along the way. We don't just throw your information over to a printer's overseas team, like some sales rep's might. They are mostly focused on meeting quotas so that they can keep their job with the printer.

We look carefully at your book specifications and then we may ask several printers to bid on your book. We analyze the quotes against your requirements and make a choice based on our thirty five years experience. If you have a time crunch, then our choice includes that factor, or if cost is the most important element, we consider that. We give exceptional service, while still remaining competitive.

There are many printers and printing brokers out there, why would I choose Bolton Associates?

The answer to that is to ask: "What is important to you?" Do you want the very lowest price, or the quickest service no matter what? We have found that in the end you will want your book without compromise, as you envisioned it. So the very lowest price or very fastest schedules are secondary to having a book you love. We become the project manager for your book, and as such ensure that most problems are handled before they evolve, and if they do happen, we offer the best solution our experience can provide.

We love books, Joanne handles every aspect of every book herself. We have the experience, the passion and the wisdom. We think this combination is unique.

When do I contact Bolton Associates, and what is the sequence of events that eventually produces a book?

You can contact Bolton Associates very early on to talk about your new venture, new book or new publishing company. Based on the book specifications we will get pricing for a range of quantities. You will find out right away that small quantities means a very large unit price, and the sooner you understand that the better you will prepare for how to avoid those small quantities.

The sequence is: getting quotes, adjusting them, getting and signing a Sales Agreement and paying a down payment. Then uploading files, getting proofs, approving everything, starting printing, approving the printed sheets (F & Gs), binding, approving the advance copy, final payment, shipping and delivery.

For more information on time tables and schedules please go to our time line.

Who benefits the most by working with Bolton Associates?

  • First time publishers who want to produce high quality, affordable color books

  • Small publishers who have not yet printed overseas

  • Independent publishers looking for Crowd Funding mixed print runs with special editions, etc.

  • Publishers abroad who are looking to print and sell their books in the US, and need an individual to be their print manager

  • Publishers worldwide who are stuck at some aspect of overseas printing with a printer they are working with directly, and need advice

  • Independent publishers who have gone from printing a few hundred books to needing a thousand or more books

  • Artists or photographers who want a printed book or catalog of their work

  • Children's book publishers

  • Photographers looking for duotone, tritone or quadtone printing

  • Publishers needing unusual custom covers, die cut hand work, or hand built cases or boxes

  • Publishers needing split runs; soft and hard covers

  • Anyone who would enjoy working with a highly creative individual, who will no doubt have ideas on how to enhance your product, and who will stay on track passionately throughout to process so that you can sleep at night...

Why would I consider printing overseas?

When Joanne Bolton started as a broker in the early 80's she worked with a Japanese printer. For West Coast publishers Japan was the place to print coffee-table books.  A few years later all of Asia started to open up. Now, with the web and digital cameras, you can print a 4-color book anywhere. But many publishers return to Asia for quality and price. However, we do print in the US for clients that have that preference.

Asian printers working with International clients have to meet very high standards within their industry in order to get the banking terms they need to export. The text papers that are available, for example, are the highest quality to ensure excellent printing results. Low quality papers are reserved for local use. International disputes are to be avoided at all costs, so Asian printers are dedicated to getting client approvals at every step. And labor is still cheaper in Asia, while talent is running high. All together Asian printers working with International clients tend to be the best of the best. When working with Bolton Associates, we are US citizens, we use US shipping and often bring in US editors and specialists, and so you are supporting US business by working with us.

If schedules are the most important thing, then have a look at our timeline section to see how the two locations differ. We have printed in the US often when schedule was the most important consideration.

press checking.jpg

When is a Press Check really required?

Joanne has this rule for press checks: If you can make a significant difference by being on press, then by all means go. But if not, then let them match your proofs, and let them be responsible for that.

However, proofing on press is required when it is CRITICALLY important to the artist, publisher or photographer that every detail of design or color is individually approved - even if proofs have been fully approved beforehand. Someone who knows all the important details will have to go with Joanne to the printer's location and be there basically until printing is completed. That can last from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the project, number of presses available, complexity of the printing, and number of books being printed. It is usually about 3-4 days for a large format book of less than 200 pages, printing a couple thousand copies.

Keep in mind that if you print in the US you may be able to go on press for a reasonable budget. Joanne still will have to go, but the costs are so much lower than going to China.

Recommendation: Since the cost to have Joanne on press as well as your own representative would be added to the cost of the project we feel that press checks can be successfully avoided by using press proof tests and other quality assurances to avoid that additional cost.

Why do I have to put "Printed in China" on the copyright page?

In a nutshell, you need to put the country of manufacture on the copyright page because if you don't, customs can impound your book. For a better look at this in detail click on the link below:

What if I just want to consult with you but do the whole process myself?

Just call me up, you can have a free brief consultation, Outline what you would like to know and how you would like me to be involved. You can also fill out an e-mail request here. Depending on what is required we can determine the costs, either with an all-in price or hourly. Look forward to talking to you about how we can help.