THE ART OF making a book

Your story is in your heart. You have been working on it for years - perhaps decades. It is now a manuscript, yet it seems a long way from being a book. We know the process - slow, tedious, painful, terrifying... joyful,

We can help you in a variety of ways...




“You can't replace experience, not in the printing business.”

Over thirty five yeas of printing overseas means we've developed a solid working relationship with our award-winning international printers. We specialize in hard cover full color art and photography books and Limited Editions. We value our printer’s meticulous and professional work, and it shows in the consistent high quality books we deliver. And they appreciate our loyalty. We are a team.

We print in China, South Korea and in the USA now too. Besides hard covers we also print soft covers, often with flaps, children’s books and calendars.

Working with us is like having your own production management team, with our full support during every stage. We keep you informed all along the way. See our timelines.

We guide you through the process, step by step, from file submission, including color management, through proofing to final advance copy approval and delivery.

We are totally hands-on, friendly, experienced and love our work. And we love to share our knowledge with you. Read From the Desk of Joanne for tips on getting started. Look around the site! Feel free to ask questions using the quick enquiry form!

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“We’ve seen it all.”

As consultants, we help clients who are going direct to printers to sort through bids, making sure the specs are correct and reflect what they want. Then we help choose the best printer for their project. We de-mystify printer bids, and compare apples to apples to make sure they are getting the best value without compromising quality. We can also help with proofing and can act as a go-between if things are not going to plan. Our consulting fee depends on the scope of the project, so let us know what you have in mind with an e-mail on our find us page, or with our quick enquiry form.

Consulting is especially suited for independent or self publishers looking to print overseas for the first time or small publishers working on a complicated project involving prepress or hand built presentation boxes or slipcases. We work well with crowd funding printing projects.

Check out our services list to see if we would make a good match.

Is overseas printing right for you? Check out our FAQs on printing overseas and see if we fit the bill. If so, then let's get started with a quote request. Check us out too!

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“Let us help you through the process.”

Check out our Book Basics page so we can begin the conversation on the same page. Follow the links to other pages that further explain the different options in making a hard or soft cover book.

We offer design and prepress options. Joanne has a knack for designing photography and children’s books and covers. Our designs are elegant and clean and have been well received. We can also convert photos from RGB to CMYK including color correcting and can have your photos scanned at an overseas professional prepress house at exceptionally competitive pricing. Have a look at client feedback to see where we excel.

“Customer satisfaction is key.”

Every client is important to us. Our aim for every project is to deliver a book we can all be proud of. Part of that goal is to make sure we keep schedules and budgets. In that regard we hate surprises, and work hard to make sure there aren’t any. We treat every customer like they are our only customer. Try our e-mail form on our FIND US page. Or best of all, fill out a quote request!

We love books and it shows!