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It is easier and cheaper to have a soft cover with flaps printed in China. These are usually smythe sewn, but can be perfect bound as well. They can also produce books with a flexible cover but that look like a hard cover book, and can round the corners. However, we can now get PUR or layflat binding in the US for soft covers as well as hard cover books. This is an alternative to smythe sewing.
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Soft Cover cover printing options:
Cover is 4-C. Is the inside cover printed?
Hard Cover cover options *
The cheapest cover is a printed cover without a dust jacket. Then colored binding paper and foil stamping but that generally needs a dust jacket. The most expensive is a cloth cover with foil stamping and a dust jacket.
Hard cover endsheets: *
Endsheets are uncoated paper glued to the inside covers. When you open the book you see an endsheet spread. You can print on this page or leave it blank. The other side of the endsheet sheet faces the first page of the book. This can be left white or printed on. Usually it is left white which is cheaper and doesn't distract from page 1
Please indicate town, state and zip code; for example, San Rafael, Ca 94901.
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Please give a range of quantities. Overseas starts at 500 copies. Best starting at 1,000 cps for much better unit price; for example, 1,000 cps, cps, 1,250 cps, 2,500 cps, 5,000 cps. We can do mixed hard cover and soft cover runs. We can do Limited Editions as part of the run.
Please state when your files will be ready. When do you want your books in hand? (Allow 3 months for overseas printing. Allow 6 weeks for US printing.) For example; Will have files ready end of November and would like books in hand for conference end of April.
Please include any other aspects that are important to you but are not mentioned above. Some specs are not mentioned, such as endsheet paper, head/tail bands, etc. These can be addressed later. For now they will be bid using standard specs.
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