THE ART OF making a book

Your story is in your heart. You have been working on it for years - perhaps decades. It is now a manuscript, yet it seems a long way from being a book. We know the process - slow, tedious, painful, terrifying... joyful,

… We can help you in a variety of ways...




At Your Service for 35 Years

“…You can't replace experience, not in the printing business.”

Over the years we've developed a sustaining working relationship with our award-winning international printers. We value their careful and professional work, and it shows in the consistent high quality books we deliver.

Both our US and Asian printers are thoughtful and respectful.They know we expect the highest quality at the best prices and schedules, and that is exactly what we get.

Working with us is like having your own production manager, with full transparency during every stage. We keep you informed, and if things are not going as planned we tell you right away and help you decide the best way forward. But are we right for you? Check out our FAQs on printing overseas and see if we seem to fit the bill. If we do, then let's get started with a quick inquiry or a full quote request:

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“…We’ve seen it all.”

As consultants rather than print brokers, we can help you choose a printer, guide you through the bidding process, compare printer bids and make sure you are getting the highest value. The main difference between being a consultant and a print broker is that while we are consultants you deal directly with the printer and we are paid separately by you for our consulting services at whatever level you need. Check out our FAQs for more information.

Consulting is especially suited for

  • Independent experienced publishers who have not printed overseas before

  • Worldwide publishers stuck in some aspect of their overseas printing experience and need help resolving issues

  • First time publishers or artists who want to print overseas directly with a printer, but prefer learning first time through a consultant.

  • Crowd funding people

Fill out a quick inquiry now to start the conversation.


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design + layout + prepress

“…Let us help you through the process.”

We excel at redesigning Blurb or Lulu photo or art books (where the images have already been selected). Cover, dust jacket and end sheet designs are one of Joanne's specialties.Have a look at client feedback to see what we have done.


“…You know it when you see it.”

Quality is universal. But you have to work at it. We do. Our mission is to deliver quality without compromising your budget (or taxing your nerves!) And to help you make a book you can truly be proud of.

Ask to see some of our samples, and judge for yourself. Read what other clients have said about working with us.

Look around the site! Feel free to ask questions using the quick enquiry or the e-mail form on our FIND US page.

Best of all, fill out a quote request!


The Team

The Team

The team

We are a small distinctive shop with our office full of electronic staff (our computers) who work day and night to keep us informed, and keep the flow of business humming through their web portals. Together we have made a great team, a team with heart and passion, and have built a considerable long term client base as a result.

joanne bolton, ceo

Joanne has been in the book business for thirty five years. She has a passion for making books, and has worked with some of the best printers in the world. She started in San Francisco at Toppan Printing Company, a very high end Japanese printing company, and then became a print broker working first in South Korea, and then in Hong Kong and China. More recently she brings business back to the US when it is the right choice.

derek bolton, project coordinator and financial officer

Derek brings a career of of corporate management to the team, allowing us to produce books lean and efficiently. Such a small team allows for a hand's on approach that keeps the books in budget and on schedule.

Derek is involved with the daily project schedule management and overall financial aspects of Bolton Associates.

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